The T&R product range includes glass wool and mineral fibre ceiling tiles, as well as tiles to suit specialised application. This is supported by our grid and restraint systems, timber paneling, aluminium baffles and Eclipse Aluminium Partitioning Suite. We have proven solutions for GreenStar projects.


At T&R we are environmentally conscious and are limiting printing to reflect our company values. You will find our most up to date product information here.

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Phonic Absorb (Black) with white grid Phonic (C Max) Absorb Brochure Maintenance Guide *Revit Datasheet
Phonic Combo - Lemonwood School Phonic (C Max) Combo + Datasheet *Revit Maintenance Guide Brochure
Phonic Direct Fix - Island Bay School Phonic (C Max) Direct Fix *Revit Datasheet Comparison Sheet brochure Installation Guide with frame Installation Guide on batten Installation Guide
Phonic Impact - Middleton Grange School Phonic (C Max) Impact Brochure *Revit Maintenance Guide Datasheet Installation Guide - Impact tile restraint
Impact Combo + Phonic (C Max) Impact Combo + Maintenance Guide Datasheet Specification Installation Guide
Phonic Harmony Phonic (Daiken) Harmony Datasheet Maintenance Guide *Revit
Phonic NDF Installed Phonic (Daiken) NDF Datasheet Brochure *Revit Maintenance Guide Specification
Silence Cloud printed - Rowdy Kitchen Cafe Phonic (C Max) Silence Cloud *Revit Datasheet Brochure Maintenance Guide Specification Installation Guide
Phonic Dai Lotone  Phonic (Daiken) Dai Lotone Installation Guide Datasheet Specification Brochure *Revit Maintenance Guide Comparison Sheet
Phonic Fine Fissured Phonic (Daiken) Fine Fissured Datasheet *Revit
Phonic Tech -Aotea College Phonic (C Max) Tech Maintenance Guide Datasheet *Revit
Phonic Gypsum Vinyl Installed Phonic Gypsum Vinyl Datasheet Specification *Revit
Phonic Clean Phonic Clean Datasheet-Antibacterial Datasheet
Black FR Bosk Panels installed in Christchurch Convention Centre Bosk Panels Datasheet Catalogue Design Bands Maintenance Guide
Eclipse 45mm Suite - Baycorp Eclipse 45mm Aluminium Suite Brochure Datasheet Revit Files Declare Aluminium Poster
Eclipse 64mm Aluminium  Partitions - IAG Eclipse 64mm Aluminium Suite Data Sheet Brochure Revit Files Declare Aluminium Profile Poster
Eclipse 92mm Suite Eclipse 92mm Aluminium Suite Data Sheet Brochure Revit Files Declare Aluminium Profile Poster
Spark House - Eclipse Baffle Eclipse Aluminium Baffle Brochure Installation Guide Datasheet PDF Maintenance Guide
Eclipse Aluminium Bi-fold Door - Open - Big Blue Eclipse Door Suite Brochure Data Sheet Aluminium Profile Poster Declare Revit Files
Eclipse Smoke Stop Door Eclipse Smoke Stop Door Datasheet
FAB Sheet FAB Sheet Datasheet
ACG Childcare - Focus Direct Fix Focus Polyester Panel Datasheet (new colour range) Datasheet (run out colours) Data Sheet - Focus Hexagon Panels Colour Chart Maintenance Guide Installation Guide Focus Panel Designs
Focus 3D Vienna Focus 3D (Suspended Ceiling) Datasheet (new colour range) Datasheet (run out colours) Installation Guide Colour Chart
FOCUS 3D Wall Panel Installed Focus 3D (Direct Fix) Datasheet (new colour range) Datasheet (run out colours) Colour chart Installation Guide
Focus Baffle Focus Baffle Datasheet (new colour range) Datasheet (run out colours) Colour Chart Installation Guide Focus Brochure
Floc Meeting Room Floc 3D Wool Acoustic Panel Datasheet Installation Guide
StratoBrace installed StratoBrace (Rigid Ceiling Brace) Technical Data Installation Guide Data Sheet
VertiBrace complete Range VertiBrace (Partition Restraint) Datasheet Design Guide For BIM - Revit Vertibrace Component File Installation Guide Scale DWG
Black 15mm CBI Grid CBI Grid Datasheet Brochure Specification Engineering Test Poster Details
Plasterboard Grid Suspended Plasterboard GRID System Datasheet
Floating Wall Clips Seismic Floating Clips Datasheet
Fenta Kitchen Ceiling Fenta Hygiene Specification Datasheet Brochure
Metacoustic ceiling Metacoustic Metal Ceiling Datasheet Brochure
T&R Gridlux Open Office Gridlux (LED Chrome Optic) Installation Guide Datasheet Brochure Specification
GridLux Opal with black grid and tile Gridlux (LED Opal Optic) Brochure Specification Installation Guide Datasheet
Furring Channel - 16mm & 28mm Furring Channel (16mm & 28mm) Data Sheet
Furring Channel - 22mm & 35mm Furring Channel (22mm & 35mm) Data Sheet
pic1 Mammoth NOVAhush Panel Absorber Data Sheet Installation Guide
pic1 Aluminium Slim Line Access Frame Data Sheet
pic1 Aluminium Slim Line Access Hatch Data Sheet
pic1 Fire Rated Access Hatch Data Sheet
pic1 Set Bead Access Hatch - Acoustic Data Sheet
pic1 SRP Steel Stud and Track Data Sheet
pic1 SRP Whisper Wall Data Sheet Specification Installation Guide
pic1 Plasterboard Angles and Beads Data Sheet
Access Flooring CBI Access Flooring Data Sheet CBI Access Flooring Brochure
Scaffolding Illustration Access Scaffolding Datasheet Installation Guide
pic1 Clear Cover Data Sheet
pic1 Polywoven Floor Protection Data Sheet
pic1 Sticky Mat Datasheet
pic1 Cloth Tape Data Sheet

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