CBI Access Flooring

Access Floors are the best solution for many projects where technical flexibility is required.

The Access Floor is suitable where frequent modifications of electrical, telephone and /or computer wiring are required. Various coverings are available as indent items.

Access Floor becomes an indespensable element in the construction of offices, banks, control stations and open plan office areas.

  • The accessible inter-space created by the Access Floor allows for unobstructed alignment of all electrical,
    hydraulic ducts, computer cabling and telephone wiring without impediment by masonary obstacles.
  • T&R standard stock component is a high density wood fibre core panel; with an external covering of Antistatic
  • Access Floor is available in a variety of core components. Indent finishes available are; Ceramic, Granite,
    Marble, Parquet (Timber) or Steel (encapsulated).
  • Standard substructure systems are available, and this will support loads of Medium weight.

Access Flooring

  • Panel Dimension 600 x 600 x 28mm
    • ABS Edge 0.5mm
    • Aluminium Base 0.5mm
    • External Covering 17-20mm
  • Weight 20 Kg/m2
  • Maximum Distribution Load 1000 Kg/m2
  • Maximum Concentrated Load 250 Kg
  • High Density 720 Kg/m2
  • Fire Reaction Class 1

The load bearing resistance specifications of the main panels relate to the complete substructure with stringers at 25 x 30mm sections. However, the details above are not binding to the manufacturer, and therefore can be modified at any time for technical or commercial reasons without notice to T&R.

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