Mammoth NOVAhush Panel Absorber


Mammoth NOVAhush Panel Absorbers are semi-rigid boards in black, white or grey polyester.  It is available as a plain product or with a thermally bonded black, polyester facing.  NOVAhush Panel Absorber is for use in a wide range of thermal and acoustic application within commercial buildings – generally used as a surface mounted product.  The Panel Absorber has a Group 1-S rating (ISO 9705).

Product Features and Benefits

  • High Acoustic performance - up to NRC 1.05.
  • Safe to use as an Interior surface liner - ISO 9705 Fire Test - Group 1-S rating.
  • Mammoth™ NOVAhush Panel Absorber is not affected by moisture. If, for any reason, it gets wet it will dry out with no adverse effect on its performance or durability.
  • Mammoth™ NOVAhush products are light-weight and easy to handle.
  • No precautions are required for handling the product - it will not cause irritation when touched.
  • Mammoth™ NOVAhush Panel Absorber can be manufactured with a white, black or grey, plain or with a black face.
  • All products are resistant to vermin.
  • Odourless, non-irritant and chemical free.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand.


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