Furring Channel (22mm & 35mm)

The T&R Interior Systems' Furring Channels are a flexible, high quality, cold formed steel, direct fix or fully suspended grid system, specifically designed for screw fixing sheet linings to form flat monolithic ceilings, bulkheads and strapping.


Features and Advantages

  • Fully rolled edges on the primary components to ensure safer handling
  • Clips and accessories specifically designed to ensure snap fix installation, minimizing the need for excessive mechanical fixing
  • Both 22mm and 35mm Furring Channels available in variable standard lengths to accommodate a range of option
  • 35mm Furring Channel for domestic applications to match ribbon plate
  • Knurled face to Furring Channels to limit screw slip during lining installation
  • Full suspension, direct fix or strapping applications
  • Variable lengths of Direct Fix Clips to ensure flexibility of installation
  • 30 year system warranty when installed to T&R Interior Systems' design requirements
  • All hot dipped galvanized steel componentry ensures maximum durability and stability whilst avoiding twisting and bowing
  • A range of galvanized angles and perimeter ‘C’ channels available

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