CBI Grid

CBI 15 & 24 mm Two Way Exposed Grid is a heavy-duty configuration with a 38mm web height to both Main & Cross Tees

Both the Main Tee and Cross Tees are designed and manufactured in Italy using a hot dipped galvanized steel in a double web balanced tee design. The Main Tees come in 3700mm lengths and cross tees come in 1200 and 600mm lengths.



CBI 15 & 24 mm Two Way Exposed Grid

  • Main Tees punches at 100centres with first punch at 50mm
  • Convenient punch out to both Web and Bulb for ease of suspension
  • Seismically tested and proven to meet current NZ Standards (ULS Design)
  • The static capacity for a 1200x600mm grid is roughly 18kg/m².
  • High quality Italian design and manufacture
  • 30-year system Warranty
  • PS1 and PS4 are available from our Consulting Engineer as required
  • Site specific ceilings will be designed to both ultimate and serviceability limit states to meet current NZ standards

Main Tee

The CBI Main Tee is manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel in a double web, balanced tee design, in 3700mm lengths. It is finished with a pre-painted steel cap. The Main Tee is conveniently punched at 100mm centers and includes suspension points in both the bulb and web.

Hold down clips are available as required.

Cross Tees

The Cross Tees are manufactured in the same configuration in 1200mm and 600mm lengths. Lay on edge detail for neatness of installation coupled with resistance to twist. The high tensile clips ensure a positive locking system for quick installation.

Available in Black and White


For product warranties, completion documents and test reports, please contact T&R Interior Systems: info@tris.co.nz

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