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The VertiBrace by T&R Interior Systems is a revolutionary way of accommodating vertical movement within a unit that also provides lateral bracing for partitions; in essence; this brace removes the need for deflection head track and offers a solution that also works for glazed partitions.

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VertiBrace By T&R Interior Systems on Vimeo.




T&R has developed VertiBrace in response to architects’ needs for a partition restraint solution that deals with the vertical movement of a building caused by wind and seismic events.  This solution provides lateral bracing and removes the need for deflection headtrack.  It prevents many of the issues seen during the Christchurch, Kaikoura and Seddon Earthquakes, helping to ensure occupant safety and limit non-structural partition damage. 

Building movement caused by dead/live loading, wind and seismic events can produce pressure and stress on interior partition walls.  This pressure can cause walls and glazing units to be crushed, broken, or torn. Standard rigid bracing does not accommodate vertical displacement (when designed for, it's usually mitigated with deflection headtrack).  Instead of using deflection Headtrack, VertiBrace allows for this movement through a sliding connection. 

The VertiBrace has been developed to exceed the New Zealand Building Code using sound engineering principles. The performance and capacity of all brackets has been quantified by extensive physical testing.

For product warranties, completion documents and test reports, please contact T&R Interior Systems: info@tris.co.nz


VertiBrace Testing By T&R Interior Systems on Vimeo.

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