Eclipse Aluminium Baffle

NZ Made

An aesthetically pleasing linear aluminium ceiling, fit for airports, cafes, terminals and commercial areas. Has a unique and modern look. The Aluminium Baffle serves as a nice screen for a ceiling plenum. The Eclipse Aluminium Baffle can be installed with integrated lighting options; Gridlux can be incorporated into the aluminium extrusion and the luminaires are flush with the base of the baffle.

Has a hassle-free fast and easy installation process and is easy to maintain. Unlike timber, the baffle doesn’t warp. Powdercoating options allow for a timber look. 500+ Resene and Dulux powdercoat colours, 15 MetWood finishes, bespoke and others available upon request. An antimicrobial coating can be applied for when used in hygiene and medical spaces.


Lineal Weights for the different extrusions.

100x30 baffle: 1.634kg/lm

150x30 baffles: 2.314kg/lm

135x25mm baffle: 1.625kg/lm

And 150x25mm baffle: 1.765kg/lm

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In Service History

  • Dawson House, New Plymouth
  • Otago School of Medicine, Dunedin
  • Turanga - Christchurch Library
  • Milford Asset Management, Auckland 
  • Spark House, Christchurch
  • Commercial Bay Tower, Auckland


  Daiken CBI Gridlux
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