SRP Whisper Wall

NZ Made

The SRP Whisper Wall Stud provides superior acoustic properties in interior wall construction. It provides significant advantage over staggered stud in installation and better acoustic results.


SRP Whisperwall Noise Transmission and Fire Resistance Ratings Lined with different GIB Noiseline® combinations

Lining Combination STC/Rw FRR
1/13mm GIB Noiseline® each side STC 52Rw 51 -/60/60
1/13mm GIB Noiseline® one side and 1/13 mm plus 1/10 mm GIB Noiseline® the other side STC 58Rw 57 -/60/60
1/13 mm plus 1/10 mm GIB Noiseline® each side STC 62Rw 61 -/60/60

Product Link: https://www.tris.co.nz/products/info/47/SRP-Whisper-Wall Copied to your clipboard.

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