Fenta Hygiene


Fenta Hygiene ceiling tiles are white with a high-gloss polyurethane finish and are composed of an extremely durable Hardiflex base, coated with a two pack, non yellowing, high gloss polyurethane finish.

Due to the hard, high quality and washable finish they are extremely resistant to chemical, steam and general soiling.

Highly suitable for hygiene applications such as kitchens, fast food outlets, medical and sports changing areas.

Previously sold as Hardiglaze Ceiling Tiles.

Fenta Hygiene Ceiling Tile

  • NRC N/A
  • CAC < 41
  • Fire Test – ISO 5660 Parts 1 & 2 – Group S
  • Size 4.5mm Depth x [1200 x 600] Also available in 6mm (minimum order quantity – 500 tiles)
  • Colour - White

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Ceilings - Special Application Ceilings - Suspended Acoustic Ceilings


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