ANZ Eclipse Aluminum Baffle and Gridlux

The ANZ fitout makes a statement in the new Westfield complex in Newmarket. With black ceilings, claddings, blue and white LED Gridlux luminaires and neon highlights, the entrance is exciting and eye-catching. This leads into stylish and comfortable customer service areas. (Mark Scowen Photography)

ASC Architects worked with T&R Interior Systems to detail the various ceilings. Matte black Eclipse Aluminum Baffle, with white and blue Opal Gridlux luminiares adorn the entrance. T&R had the blue Gridlux specifically made to match the ANZ corporate logo. The Eclipse Aluminum Baffle presents an aesthetically striking linear aluminium ceiling fit for airports, cafes, lobbies, and commercial areas. Aluminium baffle has a hassle-free, fast and secure installation process and is easy to maintain.

In the ANZ office spaces, grid and tile ceilings with C Max Absorb tiles offer great acoustic properties to make the space quiet and comfortable. The Gridlux luminaires in these spaces are finely tuned LED optics that provide 400-600 lux on the work surface (dependant on configuration). Integrating Gridlux enables a much higher performing acoustic ceiling. By eliminating the need to replace tiles to provide space for traditional lighting solutions, this achieves a much higher area of potential absorption across the ceiling surface.

Gridlux luminaires replace standard ceiling tees and have been engineered to take seismic load, (the system is designed especially to comply with NZS 1170.5). It is therefore ideal to be integrated as part of a seismically designed suspended ceiling.


ASC Architects - Architect
Apex - Subcontractor
Alaska Interiors – Main Contractor
Ceilings – T&R Interior Systems Ltd


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