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Mercedes Benz, Auckland

Eclipse Aluminium Baffle, Eclipse Suite and Phonic Absorb installed in Mercedes Benz, Auckland.

The relocation Mercedes Benz NZ head office was an opportunity to support changes in the business structure and provided the ability to adapt to new workplace strategies. Mercedes reduced their office footprint but created a new vision in the form of an agile office that supports the business in working as one team.

The install of our Eclipse Aluminium Baffle in the atrium area creates a visually dynamic ceiling space, paired with acoustic performance crucial for open spaces. 

Stack Workplace Design Brilliance created a sense of arrival for visitors and an opportunity for brand presentation. Subtle details represent Mercedes Benz branding that can be seen throughout the space.

The staff café provides amenities to staff and visitors and also supports both team and informal meetings. Workspaces provide agile work settings that allow teams to come together to work and collaborate within the office and with remote teams.

Alternative work settings support quiet concentrated work, collaboration, digital and in-person meetings with Phonic Absorb chosen as the ceiling tiles in these work spaces.  The partitions that create the separate offices are Eclipse Aluminium Suite. Seamless technology was integral to the workspace and for connecting with customers and remote staff.

Our team worked closely with the designers to ensure sound acoustic performance was maximised throughout the spaces.


Designers: Stack Workplace Design Brilliance

Main contractor: Metro

Products: Eclipse Aluminium Baffle, Eclipse Aluminium Suite and Phonic Absorb 15mm

Photography: Stack Workplace Design Brilliance



Eclipse Aluminium Baffle Eclipse Aluminium Doors Eclipse Aluminium Partitions Phonic Absorb

Eclipse Phonic

Eclipse Aluminium Baffle and Aluminium Partitioning Suite at Mercedes Benz
Eclipse Aluminium Baffle at Mercedes Benz
Eclipse Aluminium Baffle at Mercedes Benz
Eclipse Aluminium Baffle at Mercedes Benz
Phonic Absorb at Mercedes Benz
Phonic Absorb at Mercedes Benz
Phonic Absorb at Mercedes Benz

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