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TSB Bank

Eclipse Aluminium Baffle, Focus Panels and Eclipse Aluminium Suite installed at TSB Bank, Christchurch.

Eclipse Aluminium Baffle, Focus Panels and the Eclipse Aluminium Suite have been installed in the new interior of the TSB Bank in Christchurch. The baffle arrangement on the ceiling references the company's logo, and is paired with a lining of Focus Panels which provides a contemporary acoustic solution for the large space. 

The baffle was a bespoke Metwood finish matched with other materials included in the build to ensure the aesthetics remained consistent through the project. 


Architect: BOON

Installer: Angus Interiors



Eclipse Aluminium Baffle Eclipse Aluminium Partitions


TSB Bank - Metwood Timber look Eclipse Baffle
TSB Bank
TSB Bank
TSB Bank - Eclipse Aluminium
TSB Bank
TSB Bank

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