Ceiling Components Estimator

Exposed Ceiling Grid Suspension System

Quantities are approximate and based on the area being square. Room shape/area variances must be taken into consideration.

Ceiling drop not more than 1200mm


Total Area (m2):


Product Approximate Quantity
Ceiling Tiles 0 pc(s) 0


Product Approximate Quantity
Suspension Fastener 0 pc(s) 0
Suspension Wire (2.5mm) 0 pc(s) 0
Main Tee 0 pc(s) 0
Cross Tee (1200mm) 0 pc(s) 0
Cross Tee (600mm) 0 pc(s) 0
Wall Angle 0 pc(s) 0

These quantities do not include the requirements for seismic design. Z Rails and Bracing elements should be added separately.


  Daiken CBI Gridlux
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