The T&R product range includes glass wool and mineral fibre ceiling tiles, as well as tiles to suit specialised applications. This is supported by our grid and restraint systems, timber paneling, aluminium baffles, Eclipse Aluminium Partitioning Suite and our premier wool acoustic wall panel. We have proven solutions for GreenStar projects.


At T&R we are environmentally conscious and are limiting printing to reflect our company values. You will find our most up to date product information online.

Component Estimator

T&R Ceiling Components Estimator

Get an estimation of the components needed for your Suspended Ceiling.

Exposed Ceiling Grid Suspension System

Quantities are approximate and based on the area being square. Room shape/area variances must be taken into consideration.

Ceiling drop not more than 1200mm



Total Area (m2):


Product Approximate Quantity
Ceiling Tiles 0 pc(s) 0


Product Approximate Quantity
Suspension Fastener 0 pc(s) 0
Suspension Wire (2.5mm) 0 pc(s) 0
Main Tee 0 pc(s) 0
Cross Tee (1200mm) 0 pc(s) 0
Cross Tee (600mm) 0 pc(s) 0
Wall Angle 0 pc(s) 0

These quantities do not include the requirements for seismic design. Z Rails and Bracing elements should be added separately.

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