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Floc 3D at Expo 2020

We are delighted to share images of our Floc 3D tile used in the entrance to the New Zealand Pavilion, at Expo 2020 in Dubai opening 1st October 2021.

"Mauri is the life principle of the universal order, and we are part of that universal order along with all natural elements. In entering the pavilion, it is as if you are entering your ancestor, entering back into yourself to understand that connection to the mauri we share with nature”.
Whanganui tribal leader, Gerrard Albert.

Visitors enter the pavilion and the first space they encounter is lined in its entirety with Floc 3D panels. These are made of New Zealand grown sustainable strong-wool. The bespoke design of these panels was the brainchild of Workshop E and ties in with the Pavilion theme. The adaptation of Toi Whakairo into a pressed wool form is a beautiful juxtaposition of hard and soft materials. We are very excited about the traction of strong-wool and on the back of recent fire testing results you should expect to see it increasingly used in innovative interior spaces.
Amongst the panels, visitors will be able to take a moment to reset from the heat, noise, and bustle outside of the pavilion and enjoy the cool air and muted sounds before continuing into the pavilion. 

Expo 2020 opens to the world 1st October 2021 and runs through to 31 March 2022. 


Floc 3D at Expo


Floc 3D Installed at Expo 2020
Floc 3D Installed at Expo 2020
Floc 3D Installed at Expo 2020
Floc 3D Installed at Expo 2020

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