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Floc Wool Acoustic Panel

NZ Made

FLOC 3D is a contemporary and sustainable choice for commercial interiors. The tile is made from woollen fibres pressed into a 3D configuration to give exceptional acoustic and wellness benefits to the interior environment. Sheep farming was once NZ’s most important agricultural industry and NZ wool was our most valuable export. At the moment, it has fallen to 19th among our commodity exports. Unlike Merino which is in ever increasing demand, for strong wool, it costs farmers more to shear their sheep than they can get from selling the wool. T&R is supporting the use of NZ grown strong-wool. FLOC 3D is grown, manufactured, and hand-crafted in New Zealand.

  •  This product has a High Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) to reduce Reverberation Time.
  •  It is suitable for high end offices, meeting rooms and other commercial interiors.


FLOC 3D By T&R Interior Systems on Vimeo.



Absorption (Direct Fix) (ISO 354)       0.65 NRC     ASTM C423 – 99

                                                   ?w 0.45        ISO 11654: 1997

                                                           SAA 0.86      ASTM C423


Absorption (Suspended) (ISO 354)   0.80 NRC     ASTM C423 – 99

                                                  ?w 0.80        ISO 11654: 1997

                                                          SAA 0.89       ASTM C423 

Fire Test - Group 3 

Weight 1.4 kg/m2 


30 year lifetime system warranty. Tiles should be installed in accordance with the grid manufacturer’s instructions.

For product warranties, completion documents and test reports, please contact T&R Interior Systems: info@tris.co.nz


FLOC 3D Installation By T&R Interior Systems on Vimeo.


Please be aware of the following: Because this is a natural product there will be colour variations between panels.  These variations will be minimised within batches, but may be noticeable from one order to the next.  Organic material may be present as part of the baseboard.

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