The T&R product range includes glass wool and mineral fibre ceiling tiles, as well as tiles to suit specialised application. This is supported by our grid and restraint systems, timber paneling, aluminium baffles and Eclipse Aluminium Partitioning Suite. We have proven solutions for GreenStar projects.

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T&R Floc


Floc 3D Wool Acoustic Panel


Floc 3D is an acoustic tile which addresses the need to improve acoustic performance of spaces, using the clever properties of New Zealand grown wool.

Floc 3D will eliminate common acoustic issues such as headache-inducing echoes and reverberation. Employers aiming to create a healthy and productive workspace must look at all aspects of the interior design including air quality and materials.


Direct Fix: Wall & Ceiling Tiles 500x500mm.
Colours: Grey & Natural White.
Standard patterns: Dimple, Gemini, Pivot, Chevron, Flat, Fractile, Siren, Spectrum, Atlas and Swish. 
Talk to us about bespoke designs.

This product has a High Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) to reduce Reverberation Time.


Floc offers an innovative, fresh use for New Zealand wool.

The benefits of wool create Floc’s well rounded approach to enhancing interior environments. Whether that be in commercial work environments or education spaces- bringing wool into interiors is exemplary.

Absorption (Direct Fix) (ISO 354)       

0.65 NRC     ASTM C423 – 99

aw 0.45        ISO 11654: 1997

SAA 0.86      ASTM C423


Absorption (Suspended) (ISO 354)   

0.80 NRC     ASTM C423 – 99

aw 0.80        ISO 11654: 1997

SAA 0.89       ASTM C423 

Weight 1.4 kg/m2 


30 year lifetime system warranty. Tiles should be installed in accordance with the grid manufacturer’s instructions.

For product warranties, completion documents and test reports, please contact T&R Interior Systems:


FLOC By T&R Interior Systems on Vimeo.


FLOC 3D Installation By T&R Interior Systems on Vimeo.


Please be aware of the following: Because this is a natural product there will be colour variations between panels. These variations will be minimised within batches, but may be noticeable from one order to the next. Organic material may be present as part of the baseboard.

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