Horse and Jockey

Horse and Jockey is a unique Restaurant/Bar design, accentuating the space with the use of the seamless Black C Max Ceiling and Gridlux lighting.

The owners of Horse and Jockey approached Angus Ceilings to design and complete their fit out. Lee Lawson worked closely with the owner to realise a design that met their expectations and fitted into their budget. They wanted the bar to look quaint while at the same time feel larger than what the small space was offering. They were also very adamant that the design had a point of difference and didn’t merely copy others in the market. Acoustics were a main factor in the design and the Black C Max tile that was used has a very high NRC rating to control Reverberation time. The Black Gridlux LED lights ensured the ceiling was as sleek and minimalistic as possible. Over the course of the project there was a lot of communication between the owner and Angus Ceilings to design their space full of ‘Wow Factor’ at a competitive market price.


  Daiken CBI Gridlux
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