Above: Your Space

Above: Your Space is a collection of offices on High Street in Christchurch. They have been fitted out with Black C Max Absorb and Combo and Eclipse Aluminium throughout. The Black and White colour scheme is broken up by splashes of coloured LED lighting strips and bold murals on the walls in the communal spaces.

The building on High Street in Christchurch has its original heritage façade but the interior fit out is contemporary and high spec. Initially known as England Brothers House, the original three storey, five bay, Billens Building was constructed in 1906. It was best known for housing Billens Camping Store which traded there until the 1990’s. Badly damaged in the big quakes of 2011 it was burnt down by arson on 7 December 2012 before its remaining facade could be restored. The fit-out created a multi-tenancy office – three levels of individual office spaces for lease. The clients ( Stockman Family Trust) wanted the offices to be contemporary and professional . Angus worked closely with the designer, builder and owner to achieve their desired look with all acoustic elements required. It was essential to provide high levels of acoustic attenuation between offices to ensure a good level of speech privacy while also controlling Reverberation time. This was an essential consideration as the individual offices were all being leased to different companies The solution included the C Max Combo tiles for high CAC performance and double glazed Eclipse Aluminium partitions to meet STC requirements. Angus Ceilings incorporated bracing elements for walls and ceilings to meet seismic requirements. Ceiling Contractor: Angus Ceilings Fitout Contractor: Angus Interiors


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