Set Bead Access Hatches at the Deloitte Club Room

The Deloitte Club Room at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington was refurbished as part of a larger Stadium upgrade. The Deloitte Club Room contains a bar with a grand view over the field and members have access to all sporting events (excluding World Cup games) at Westpac Stadium. It was officially re-opened on the 6th of July 2013 by Jonah Lomu. (Brady Dyer Photography)

Deloitte Club Room Refurbishment

The brief for Herriot and Melhuish Architecture was to open the Club Room up, as the original space was dark and low. Their final design has three different ceiling heights with a monolithic white ceiling running down the centre of the room, highlighting the curvature of the Stadium’s circumference.

To maintain the consistency of the ceiling surface, the architects detailed Screw-Fix, High-Level Finish Concealed Hatches from T &R Interior Systems. Concealed hardware (frame, latch, & hinge) and a paintable surface, make the hatch ideal for elegant and aesthetic treatments. Because of their lock system, the set bead access hatches allow easy access for frequent maintenance and adjustment of HVAC in the ceiling plenum with minimal visual disruption. At the Deliotte Club Room, it allowed the architects to achieve maximum height, which was essential to the design concept.

The hatches can come Sound Rated and Fire Rated to meet the requirements of the Building Code in New Zealand for both Domestic and Commercial installations. They are perfect for internal installation in stoppable walls and ceilings and come in three different sizes (300, 450 and 600mm) to satisfy different requirements.


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