Jet Printed Tiles at The Bog Irish Bar

The cleverly disguised acoustic ceiling tiles provide sound absorption while maintaining the rustic Irish pub feel at the Bog Bar in Christchurch.

Bog Bar was designed with acoustics in mind, while maintaining a rustic Irish Pub feel. The majority of the ceiling is made of jet printed C Max Absorb tiles, cleverly suspended and disguised with rough sawn timber.

The ceiling has a high level of absorption (NRC 0.95), which creates a very pleasant environment for social chat — diners can actually hear the people across the table from them. The background music adds ambience and ensures the space remains lively. Most visitors can't believe that the ceiling is glass wool ceiling tiles rather than timber slats.

In the entranceway, the ceiling is adorned with Kihin tiles, a pressed mineral fibre direct fix tile.

Overall the space has a wonderful atmosphere, something mentioned in many of the online reviews.

The bar was designed by Warren Architectural Design with help from T&R Interior Systems and Angus Ceilings.




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