Daiken Dai Lotone


Daiken Dai Lotone is a high density tongue and groove mineral fibre ceiling tile with a white painted finish designed for direct fix applications to new and existing gypsum board or timber battens. This negates the need for an exposed grid enhancing its highly visual appeal. No additional painting required. Dai Lotone is a mid-range tile with superior noise absorption and efficient thermal insulation (more than 6 times of gypsum board), while resisting sound transmission more effectively than glass fibre products. Due to its high density and fine grained substrate, Daiken can achieve unique and high quality detailing in their tiles. These tiles have outstanding fire resistance.


Daiken Dai Lotone T&G Staple and Glue Direct Fix Ceiling Tile

  • NRC 0.45
  • SAA 0.58
  • aw  0.45
  • CAC varies
  • LR1 75%
  • Moisture Content – 1.5%
  • Thermal Conductivity – 0.051 kcal/mhº C
  • Fire Test - ISO 5660 Parts 1 & 2 - Group 1-S
  • Size Non Rib: 9mm Depth x [606 x 303]
  • Size Rib: 12mm Depth x [606 x 303] Other sizes on request
  • Colour – White


30 year lifetime system warranty to withstand conditions up to 40° – 95% relative humidity without visible sag when used with a T&R brand suspension system.

Emissions, Sustainability and the Environment - For Green Star rated projects, Daiken mineral fibre tiles were independently verified and meet the Greenguard Emission Certificate Standard

For product warranties, completion documents and test reports, please contact T&R Interior Systems: info@tris.co.nz

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