Plasterboard Angles and Beads

T&R Interior Systems supply a range of angles and beads for both internal and external use.


  • Low profile nibs to produce straighter walls and  using less plaster
  • Chamber in angles to increase speed of fixing as well as saving on fasteners
  • Angles boxed to prevent damage
  • Slotted nail hole to allow adjustment on bulk heads
  • Nib designed to make clean up easier and quicker
  • All angles are manufactured for internal use only. However, a range of angles for external use are available on request



Backing Angle

Expansion Joint

Internal 90 / 135

Stopping Beads

Long Leg Stopping Angle

Bullnose External 135

External 135

Metal Casing Bead

Arch Bead 180

Bullnose External 90

External 90

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