The T&R product range includes glass wool and mineral fibre ceiling tiles, as well as tiles to suit specialised applications. This is supported by our grid and restraint systems, timber paneling, aluminium baffles, Eclipse Aluminium Partitioning Suite and our premier wool acoustic wall panel. We have proven solutions for GreenStar projects.


At T&R we are environmentally conscious and are limiting printing to reflect our company values. You will find our most up to date product information online.

You Will Need...

  • Building Location
  • Ceiling Height
  • Tile Weight
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • A section showing plenum depths

This design is for 2 way exposed 24mm CBI grid only and cannot be used with any other manufacturer's grid

T Limit State Type
Sw Seismic Weight kg/m2
Sf Seismic Force SLS2 = kgf/m2
ULS = kgf/m2
Lmt Limiting Main Tee Length (max) SLS2 = m
ULS = m
Lct Limiting Cross Tee Length (max) SLS2 = m
ULS = m
Ab Area per Brace m2
MT Max Tee Space Main = m
Cross = m

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