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Edge Detail
Aluminium Baffle Ceiling
STACK  Milford Project - Aluminium Baffles & Gridlux

An aesthetically pleasing linear aluminium ceiling, fit for airports, cafes, terminals and commercial areas. Has a unique and modern look. The Aluminium Baffle serves as a nice screen for a…



T&R Gridlux Opal Optic Bar
Gridlux Opal
Gridlux Opal installed

The Gridlux LED tee rail offers a new and exciting way to incorporate lighting into a suspended ceiling grid. It is designed in the shape of a standard cross tee…


T&R Gridlux Chrome Optic bar
T&R Gridlux Chrome Optic installed
T&R Gridlux Open Office

Optic Chrome Mirror Gridlux is a is a subtle and elegant choice - ideal for office interiors, where task lighting is required without any glare.

The Gridlux LED tee rail offers…


T&R Gridlux White Optic bar
T&R Gridlux White Optic

The White Mirror Optic Gridlux is a striking light that draws the eye and demands attention - ideal for corridors and circulation spaces. 

Gridlux LED offers a new and exciting way to…



  Daiken CBI Gridlux
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