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T&R Interior Systems T&R Interior Systems are 100% NZ owned and operated and have been in business for over 25 years. We offer a friendly personalised service unequaled in the market with branches in Auckland, Christchurch and the Head Office which is based…


  T&R provide a diverse range of quality products at competitive prices   We hold the sole agency for Daiken mineral fibre ceiling tiles, C Max glass wool ceiling tiles and CBI Italy 2-way grid in New Zealand. We supply a number of well-known products,…


Products We hold the sole agency for both Daiken mineral fibre and C Max glass wool ceiling tiles in New Zealand.  Also stocked are high performance acoustic mineral and glass wool tiles, along with a selection of special application metal pan and hygiene tiles. We…


C Max Absorb

C Max is a glass wool tile with a refined white or black painted monolithic pre-finished face. Extremely high performance acoustic absorption (NRC) ceiling tile. This mid-range tile is suitable for exhibit halls, museums, medical centres, offices, classrooms, receptions, meeting…

C Max Absorb 80mm

C Max Absorb 80mm has an extremely high Noise Reduction Coefficient to reduce Reverberation Time and high thermal performance due to the depth of the tile. It is suitable for exhibit halls, museums, medical centres, open plan offices and other…

C Max Combo

C Max Combo is a glass wool tile with a refined white painted monolithic pre-finished face with a 6mm condensed glass-fibre backer. This combination gives an extremely high Noise Reduction Co-efficient combined with a high CAC. This high performance ceiling…

C Max Direct Fix

C Max Direct Fix is a white painted, textured glass wool acoustic ceiling tile. Direct fix eliminates the need for an exposed grid and enhances the clean smooth monolithic surface. Designed for direct fix application to new existing gypsum board…

C Max Impact

C Max Impact Sports Panel is a 40mm thick fibre glass ceiling and wall panel with a strong fibre glass face. This panel has exceptionally high acoustic properties and is priced mid-ranged. The compounded, high density glass-wool design results in…

C Max Impact Combo High Performance Acoustic Sports Tile

C Max is a 36mm thick fibre glass ceiling panel with a strong fibre glass face and a condensed glass-fibre backer. High performance acoustic absorption (NRC) and high CAC. This high-end tile is suitable for gymnasiums, sport centres, community halls, schools,…

C Max Reflect

C Max Reflect Gypsum Ceiling tiles have an extremely low noise reduction co efficient to aid direct reflections. Suitable for use in classrooms, lecture halls and where early reflections are desired. Can be combined with other tiles in the C…

C Max Silence Cloud

C Max Silence Cloud Sound Panels are a 40mm thick fabric wrapped glass wool high acoustic ceiling or wall panel.  The panels have exceptionally high acoustic properties and are priced mid-range. They are ieal for use in cafes, restaurants, offices, boardrooms, classrooms,…

Direct Fix Options

There are some good variations between direct fix tiles, providing a wider range of choices in function and aesthetic. Thus, knowing the options gives a good sense of understanding for what works best for a particular interior.

Phonic Clean

Suitable for use in medical centres, hospitals, laboratories and other commercial interiors.

Phonic Clean - Anti-bacterial Acoustic Tile

Phonic Clean - Anti-bacterial is a hygiene ceiling tile with a refined white painted, monolithic, pre-finished face.

Case Studies

ARANZ Geo offices in Christchurch

The team at ARANZ Geo provide expertise in geology, geostatistics and geometallurgy from exploration through to mine production and reconciliation. Their offices in Christchurch utilise 3d Acoustic tiles in small meeting rooms and the company cafe on the ground floor…

Buchan Group Architects

The Buchan Group in Christchurch have used white grid and Black C Max acoustic tiles to create a linear statement in the hallway. The monochrome theme is continued in the breakout spaces in the office.

C Max Absorb at Ellerslie School

At Ellerslie School in Auckland, DLM Architects designed two new ILE classroom blocks. T&R designed, installed and tested the inclusion of C Max Absorb suspended ceiling tiles. The results were truly impressive.

C Max Absorb at NZ Post

The 5000m2 ceiling at the NZ Post Mail Centre in Palmerston North has 80mm C Max Absorb tiles in the suspended ceiling grid.

C Max at Christchurch Art Gallery

C Max Absorb was used in bespoke configurations for the Christchurch Art Gallery. Due to the height in the foyer, an elongated tile was used (2400x600) whereas in the gallery spaces, had a 1200x1200 black C Max Absorb tile.

C Max at Western Heights School

Western Heights School used C Max Impact tiles in their Gymnasium as well as getting C Max Absorb printed for the lobby. (yes, those timber looking tiles are Glasswool C Max Absorb tiles)

C Max Silence Cloud Panels as a retrofit option

Silence Clouds are a good retrofit solution for noisy and reverberant spaces such as cafes, boardrooms and offices. With their high NRC, they are a very effective panel and reduce reverberation times as well as preventing parallel echo.

Christchurch Hospital

The Canterbury earthquakes had a far reaching effect on many vital buildings in Christchurch, including the city's main hospital. Warren and Mahoney architects utitlised C Max Absorb suspended ceiling tiles in their design for the redevelopment of the Christchurch Hospital’s…

Eurocity Napier

At Eurocity in Napier, C Max Absorb ceilings and Eclipse Aluminium (92mm) feature throughout the new building.

Flex Fitness

Black C Max is a highly absorbent ceiling tile. Is a great solution for industrial interiors, theatres and gyms.

Holland Beckett Law Office - Rotorua

Gridlux Opal LEDs were used in this beautiful fitout by Darryl Church Architecture for Holland Beckett Law in Rotorua.

Jet Printed Tiles at The Bog Irish Bar

The cleverly disguised acoustic ceiling tiles provide sound absorption while maintaining the rustic Irish pub feel at the Bog Bar in Christchurch.

Jucy Snooze - Jet printed tiles

Jucy Snooze in Christchurch has opened next to the airport. The large communal common space has a printed C Max Absorb ceiling.

Koha Gym - Christchurch

Koha Gym in Christchurch has a black C Max Acoustic Ceiling, Gridlux lights and OROQI Focus 3D acoustic panels on the wall to create a stylish place to work out.

Lemonwood School

ILE School in Christchurch. T&R Interior Systems provided the C Max 50mm Combo Ceiling tiles, the Autex wall covering and the Eclipse Aluminium Suite (with double glazing)

Mixed Media Ceiling at DLA Architects - Wellington

This ceiling, at DLA's new office space in Wellington is constructed out of Black CBI grid, Black C Max tiles and custom Hush Panel ceiling tiles. Opal Gridlux lights complete the aesthetics.

Printed C Max Silence Cloud Panels

Printed C Max Silence Clouds are a perfect acoustic canvas. Inkjet printing does not affect the acoustic properties of the panel and it's therefore a great option for offices, hospitality and other commercial spaces.

Riverhead School

Riverhead School is an Innovative Learning Environment by school experts, Pacific Environments NZ Ltd. It uses T&R's 15mm CBI grid and C Max tiles throughout.

St Margaret’s College

St Margaret's College

Titirangi Library

An amazing upgrade of a very old library in Titirangi. Uses Gridlux in CBI grid with square edge C Max Absorb tile.






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