Gridlux LED - White Optic


The White Mirror Optic Gridlux is a striking light that draws the eye and demands attention - ideal for corridors and circulation spaces. 

Gridlux LED offers a new and exciting way to incorporate lighting into a suspended ceiling grid. It is designed in the shape of a standard cross tee bar to allow selected cross tees in the grid to be substituted.

It can be fully integrated at the project design stage, alongside T&R's standard CBI Grid - a fully tested and proven system for New Zealand's unique seismic conditions. In retrofit scenarios, the Gridlux T-Rail can be placed into any heavyweight 38mm seismic ceiling grid.

It creates a stylish and innovative lighting solution suitable for offices, schools and commercial interiors.

    • Provides 400-600 lux on the work surface (dependant on configuration).
    • Integrating Gridlux enables a much higher performing acoustic ceiling, by eliminating the need to replace tiles to provide space for traditional lighting solutions. This provides a much higher area of potential absorption across the ceiling surface.
    • Gridlux tee rails have been engineered to take seismic load, (complies with BC NZS 1170.5) and is therefore ideal to be integrated as part of a seismically designed suspended ceiling.
    • 5-year replacement warranty.
    • Easy installation.
    • Long-life energy-saving LED technology (L90,B50 90,000hrs).
    • Complete system installed with flex and plug; can be used with Building Management System.
    • Anodised and powder-coated aluminium extrusion, steel mounting clips. 

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