3D Acrylic Diffuser


3D Acrylic is a lightweight tile that matches the Focus 3D Polyester tile. Comes in either a clear or glossy finish and many colour options. Like other 3D tiles, they have a unique eyecatching form, and can be used as a lighting or skyight diffuser to distribute light across the interior space. They can also be direct fixed to a wall panel as a design feature. 

Suitable for cafes, restaurants, offices, boardrooms, and most commercial spaces. 

Suitable for use in a suspended ceiling grid. Available in 600 x 600 and 1200 x 600 and can be fitted into an existing ceiling grid. 

With an LED Light behind, these tiles are very good light diffusers 

Elegant and contemporary designs to add interest to most interior spaces. 


Bespoke designs available.

3D acrylic panels:

To fit 24mm grid: available in 600 x 600

Product Downloads

  Daiken CBI Gridlux
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