Timber framed walls and timber top plates present a unique bracing challenge, with the inconsistency of this organic material. TRACKLOK® TIMBA is a uniquely designed solution, allowing the appropriate bracing while ensuring maximum connection to timber. Locator notch provides perfect placement every time.

The TRACKLOK® suite of products have been specifically designed and extensively tested to secure partition walls and glazing lines to structure over. TRACKLOK® products use logic, specific engineering and real world experience to ensure optimum performance in SLS (Service Limit State) and ULS (Ultimate Limit State). The TRACKLOK® range offers architects, structural engineers and construction professionals an easy to use, cost effective and comprehensive bracing solution. 

  • Secures partition walls and glazing lines, under ceiling to slab above.
  • Designed and tested to mitigate risk to life and property.
  • Applicable to all seismic zones and all seismic loads.
  • Meets or exceeds all national code requirements.
  • Unique design for variable bracing stock to be utilised, reducing waste.
  • Low profile allows installation in partition and glazing head tracks.
  • Engineered to eliminate ceiling grid interaction and to protect warranty.
  • Designed to absorb seismic energy, reducing partition wall failure.



  • Prevent injury caused by the failure of all types of internal partition wall and glazing line systems due to seismic activity or fire.
  • Prevent loss of amenity caused by the behavior of all types of internal partition wall and glazing line systems during seismic activity or fire.
  • Protect property and structures from physical damage caused by the failure of all types of internal partition wall and glazing line systems due to seismic activity or fire.
  • Preserve ceiling manufacturers warranty by providing required seismic separation of partition and glazing lines from two-way grid. 
  • Prevent business interruption caused by the failure of all types of internal partition wall and glazing line systems due to seismic activity or fire. 
  • Create efficiencies in construction of all types of internal partition wall and glazing lines.

Features and Benefits

  • Tested with head track and full wall construction to provide confidence.
  • Provides seismic separation, preserving ceiling warranty.
  • Ensures validity of installers PS3.
  • Tested under ULS and SLS loads to ensure longevity of performance.
  • Unique design allows for 50mm of inter-story drift.
  • Top plate pivot points allow for 90mm of in-line wall deflection.
  • Unique design allows for 20mm of wall “spring back” in ULS event.
  • Patented low profile connection bolt allows for glazing clearance.
  • Unit allows a 30° – 60° bracing angle to mitigate service clashes.
  • Unit tested to 45° off wall axis to mitigate service clashes.
  • TRACKLOK® VERT allows vertical bracing to mitigate service clashes.
  • TRACKLOK® RETRO allows for retro active installation using 10 gauge wafer tech screws to affix to head track.
  • TRACKLOK® TIMBA allows for bracing of timber framed walls using 10 gauge 35mm wood screws to affix to timber top plate.
  • Allows for 64mm and 92mm bracing to be used, reducing waste on site.


  • Complies to and provides compliance with AS/NZS 1170 and AS/NZS 4219. 
  • Provides compliance with NZ Building Code Clause B1 – Structure, B2 – Durability, F2 – Hazardous Building Materials. 
  • Contributes to compliance with NZ Building Code Clause F6 – Visibility in Escape Routes, Clause D1 – Access Routes.


  • Importance Level 2, 3 and 4 Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Interiors
  • Schools

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