Daiken Venus

Green Guard

Daiken Venus is a white mineral fibre ceiling tile with a stippled texture and scattered pinhole finish.

It has a medium Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and a medium Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) to help reduce reverberation time and prevent sound transfer through ceiling plenum.

Daiken Venus is a very versatile tile - suitable for application in a variety of areas such as libraries, hotel lobbies and entrance halls, shops and other commercial interiors.

Daiken Venus Mineral Fibre Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Tile


  • NRC 0.45 ASTM C 423
  • αw 0.45 ISO 11654
  • SAA 0.43 ASTM C 423


  • CAC 36 Weight 15mm: 4.2kg/m2

Light Reflectance LR 1 75% + ASTM C 523

Fire Test Group 1–S BRANZ Cone Calorimeter NZBC C/AS1- AS27

Thermal Conductivity 0.045 kcal/mh

Est. R-Value (m2 k/w) R0.3


SIZE 15mm

Depth Square Edge x [1200 x 600] 15mm Depth Reveal Edge x [1200 x 600] [600 x 600]

To suit 15 or 24 mm grid patterns. Other sizes available on request.

COLOUR - White



30 year lifetime system warranty to withstand conditions up to 50° – 99% relative humidity without visible sag when used with a T&R brand suspension system.

Emissions, Sustainability and the Environment - For Green Star rated projects, Daiken mineral fibre tiles were independently verified and meet the Greenguard Emission Certificate Standard.

For product warranties, completion documents and test reports, please contact T&R Interior Systems: info@tris.co.nz

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