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C Max Silence Cloud Sound Panels are a 40mm thick fabric wrapped glass wool high acoustic ceiling or wall panel.  The panels have exceptionally high acoustic properties and are priced mid-range.

They are ieal for use in cafes, restaurants, offices, boardrooms, classrooms, cafes and as a retrofit solution to reduce reverberation time in most commercial and education spaces.

Suitable to use below an existing ceiling or as wall panels, they are ideally used on walls in spaces 3m and higher, where acoustical ceilings are not sufficient to absorb sound.

Available in six standard fabric colours and in a wide range of custom fabric colours, with a digital customisation option - print your own creative graphics onto the panel.

C Max Silence Cloud Sound Panel 40mm Fabric Wrapped Glass Wool

  • NRC 1.0 – with 50mm air gap (suspended)
  • NRC 0.98 – with 0 air gap (direct fix)
  • CAC < 20
  • LR > 84%
  • Density 100kg/m²
  • ISO 5660 Parts 1&2 – Group Number Classification: 1-S – Blank Panel
  • ISO 5660 Parts 1&2 – Group Number Classification: 2-S – Standard Fabric
  • Thermal Resistant > 4m²k/w)
  • Sizes 2200mm x 1200mm. Other sizes available on request.
  • Colours – 6 standard and 18 custom colours
  • Print your own image option


Direct Fix - Adhere brackets to wall by mechanical fixing and maneuver panel on to the fixing brackets.

Light Fittings - Holes may be cut to allow lighting to be suspended through panels.

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